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Rent our Mega Binders for your Almond Plastics


Efficient Recycling of Almond Stockpile Film with Mega Rollers (All Colors)

At Flipping Iron Inc., we specialize in innovative solutions for the almond industry, focusing on the efficient recycling and management of stockpile film. Traditional methods of handling these films post-harvest are labor-intensive and require significant storage space. Our state-of-the-art Mega Rollers revolutionize this process.


Streamlined Film Retrieval and Storage: The Mega Rollers efficiently collect and compact used stockpile film into tightly packed, large rolls. This advanced method significantly reduces storage space requirements and streamlines the entire process.


Enhanced Durability and Cleanliness: Engineered to prevent water absorption and keep out dirt, our compact film rolls are designed to stay lightweight and clean. This is crucial for facilitating easy transport and maximizing recycling efficiency.


Promoting Sustainable Practices: Flipping Iron Inc. is committed to enhancing sustainability in the almond industry. By improving the efficiency of stockpile film recycling, we help almond producers minimize environmental impact and support sustainable agricultural practices.


Contact Flipping Iron Inc. today to learn how our Mega Rollers can transform your agricultural waste management and recycling efforts.

Stockpile Film Rolled by Flipping Iron`s Mega Binders

We Also Recycle Binliners!

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