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Vineyard Wire Retrieval Rentals


Flipping iron Inc near Arvin Ca

Flipping Iron Inc now offers equipment rentals to retrieve vineyard wire trellis from your fields. Our Andros Megabinders roll up the wire faster, into larger more compact rolls to reduce transportation and storage space.  

Best Practices 

​Our Best Practices include best vineyard preperation techniques to ensure efficient wire retrival. We will brief you on common obstacles when it comes to Vineyard Wire Retrival and how Flipping Iron Inc reccomends dealing with those obstacles. Proper field preperation and equipment usage will ensure safe, efficient retrieval and rolling. Ultimately cutting labor costs and saving you money.


When it comes to Flipping Iron Inc safety is our number one priority. Vineyard Wire Rollers have many moving parts and following our safety guidelines will ensure a safe retrieval process.

We are located in Bakersfield, California but we offer Vineyard wire retrieval equipment , recycling, and pick-up throughout California. Cities Include Fresno, Bakersfield, Salinas, Modesto, Stockton, Visalia, Merced, Chico, Yuba City, El Centro, Napa Valley, San Diego, Los Angeles, Malibu, Santa Maria, Oxnard and many more. 

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