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  • Easily retrieve multiple lines of drip tape simultaneously or agricultural plastics from the end of the rows.

  • Creates mega tolls for recycling programs (800-1,000 lbs. Rolls)

  • Self-powered and can be pulled and transported with a truck.

  • Quick retrieval of drip tape into compact, large rolls (Mega Rolls) for disposal or recycle.

  • Implement Size: 7 ft. wide

  • Rows: Recommend for 8-12 lines, can operate up to 25 lines

  • Mounting : 2 5/16″ or Spade Hitch

  • Unit Weight: 4,400 lbs. (Trailer) – 2 5/16″ or Spade Hitch

  • Tractor Requirements: Recommended 8 gpm, minimum 4 gpm

  • Needed Materials: Twine

Power DTR Mega Binder

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